1. FLEXIBILITY: The Yankee Security Guard Service. can be expanded or reduced on short notice to meet specific requirements. There is no need for the client to hire or fire to meet a temporary changed condition.

2. PRE-SCREENING OF PERSONNEL: There is no need for the client to screen the background of guard personnel. This has already been accomplished by Yankee. Additionally, pursuant to our State license requirements, we submit fingerprint cards on all our employees to the State Police for comparison with the State’s criminal files. This eliminates the possibility that a convicted criminal would be retained by a licensed guard agency.

3. ACCEPTABILITY OF GUARD PERSONNEL: Clients may review the qualifications of and interview each guard before he is assigned to their account. Occasionally, an accepted guard does not live up to the initial expectations of the Client. He can be reassigned and replaced without the trauma of a dismissal and a new hiring.

4. UNIFORM: There is no need for the Client to invest in a supply of uniforms either for their initial issue or as replacements.

5. ADMINISTRATION: As Yankee Security Guards are not direct employees of the Client, there is no need for personnel administration of wages, withholding taxes, FICA deductions and matching contributions, pensions, insurance, medical benefits, vacations, sick leave, etc. This is all accommodated by Yankee.

6. COVERAGE: In the event of a guard’s absence due to illness, family emergency, vacation, etc. trained replacements are always available with no lapse in coverage.

7. ECONOMIC: The hourly rate paid to Yankee is the net cost to the Client. It can easily be projected and budgeted for its daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, or annual cost. There are no extras for the cost of recruitment, investigation of guards’ backgrounds, training, uniforms, equipment, payroll taxes, workmen’s compensation and other insurance. Without exception, the total cost to a Client is less with Yankee than with a similar guard force on company payroll.

8. SUPERVISION: Yankee employs trained and experienced supervisors to check the guards at frequent intervals, particularly during non-business hours. This is a distinct advantage to management to know that their security guards are on the job and are being physically checked, even when all management personnel are away from the premises.

9. EMERGENCY SITUATIONS: Companies with an “in house” guard force cannot expand those forces quickly enough to meet emergency situations. However, Yankee can, on short notice, augment its security force furnished to a Client, to meet any emergency. Additionally, in the event your employees go on strike, you are assured of our continuing security guard service to protect your property.

10. LOYALTY: A guard’s loyalty may often be misplaced. A Company guard normally identifies with his fellow employees, not with Management. Yankee Security Guards are not only loyal to Yankee but as well-and oftentimes even more so-to the Client. They can be relied upon to faithfully carry out their orders and to follow prescribed procedures.