Q: What makes Yankee different from other Security Companies?
A: *Experience - The top four Management positions have all been in the Security and Law Enforcement business for over 30 years each. And together in the Management of Yankee for the past 25 years. See Management Link.
*Quick Response - With a Management style that is not tethered to a smothering Bureaucracy information is passed and decisions made in a timely manner. *Personalized Service - Large enough to handle any job but small enough to offer Personal Service.

Q: Is Yankee much more than a Security Guard company?
A: Yes, very much so. Go to our Investigations and Background Checks page.

Q: Is Yankee able to provide us with personnel other then Security Guards (Armed and Unuarmed, Fire Guards, Fire Safety Directors and Investigators?
A: Yes. In accordance with the State Law Yankee is Licensed as well for the employment of other types of Personnel, ie: Clerical, Receptionists, Doormen, Concierge, Garage Attendants, and the Outsourcing of other Back Office Personnel. See Outsourcing link.

Q: Can you provide us with Fire Safety Directors?
A: Absolutely! This is an area we have found important to develop after 9/11. We have a great source for these individuals at very competitive rates. See previous question.

Q: Without commitment can Yankee provide me with a Consultation?
A: Of course. Just let us know what your specific concerns are. We will address these issues within a larger context of your overall Security needs.

Q: You will do this even if I have a proprietary Guard staff?
A: Yes. You may not want to add to your current proprietary Guard force and instead add additional personnel with a Contract Security Company. The advantages of a Contract Security Company are many. Both practical and time/money efficient, ie: 
See Advantages Link for more about this.

Q: How do you find your Personnel?
A: Since Yankee has been in this business for 30+ years, our name is well-known throughout the industry as a company that treats its employees well and with respect. An employee is more than just a body to us. When a prospective employee contacts us, we require them to provide us with excellent reference material.

Q: How do I obtain more information on the Services Yankee has to offer?
A: Just click here to go to our Contact Us link page.