In our efforts to up-grade our Personnel: their self-image, self-esteem and job performance, we will be providing additional training and instruction - where applicable - as to Concierge, Receptionist, Desk Attendant duties and responsibilities. We want the Personnel we provide to you, again where applicable, and the Public to have an expanded feeling of competency and proficiency, as well as the feeling of well-being that goes along with it.

In keeping with this corporate decision, we have expanded our own base and purpose. We are able to respond to your OUTSOURCING needs. Providing the internal staffing needs of Clients with not only Security Personnel but, as well, with Doormen, Concierge, Valet Services, Receptionists, Garage Attendants, Data Processors and Technicians.

We decided to make this Strategic move because of the unique position we are in - a position which allows us to offer more to our Clientele. Because of our State License, all of our employees are fingerprinted and processed through both the Department of State and the State Police. Once a potential employee clears the Criminal Background Check, we will administer our in-house Testing Procedures. After clearance of these tests, we will provide an 8 hour course on Security Training to be followed by an additional 16 hour course on Security Procedures. So, not only do you receive the Personnel of your choice in the selected field of expertise but you also get an individual trained in the Duties, Procedures, and Responsibilities of Security; trained eyes and ears to better provide a Security presence in your work environment. In essence, you are getting two talents for the price of one.

We anticipate not only substantial savings to the Company which takes advantage of this service but, as well, the creation of Executive Managerial time available to pursue other Corporate responsibilities.

If you are interested in our OUTSOURCING service contact us through our Contact page.