Security Guards shall be neat and clean in appearance when in public, when on or off duty and shall only wear the complete uniform as prescribed by Yankee Security, Inc.
Leather and Brass will be polished.
Due to the public nature of our business, and the business necessity that Guard personnel represent a figure of authority. A code relative to hair length and facial hair is hereby prescribed.
Hair is to be neatly combed and appropriately cut to accommodate the wearing of the Guard hat (which is part of the official uniform required to be worn by all Guard personnel). Men’s hair length should not extend beyond the shirt collar. Regarding facial hair; a neatly trimmed mustache is permitted; neatly trimmed sideburns that do not extend beyond the lower part of the ear lobe are also permitted.
Uniforms will be in a clean and presentable condition at all times.
Badges will be worn at all times when on duty. If lockers are provided, the badge and uniform may be maintained at the site.
It is the responsibility of the Security Guard to maintain a clean and orderly appearance of the post to which he/she is assigned.
No insignia, emblems, buttons or other items other than those items issued and polishable. The shoe style must not inhibit safe agile and free movement.
Repeated breaches of the provisions discussed in Appearance of Security Guards, will be subject to written employee reprimand and addition wanton neglect at attempting to correct and comply with these established company policies will be cause for dismissal.